Artistic Woods And Design



Design Services

Schedule of Charges: Products purchased shall be billed to the client with a negotiated margin above cost.
Designer hourly rate by quote.
Hourly rate will apply to the following:
  • trips to suppliers
  • meetings and phone conversations with client, architect, contractors etc.
  • layout and design drawings
  • selection of products and placement
  • travel expenses to be negotiated for out of state jobs
  • budget assistance
  • generation of samples
Deposits: Deposits necessary for designers to purchase any relevant products for the project shall be determined according to the size and scale of the purchasing desired by the client and designer.
Purchasing: All purchasing must be approved by the client 3 working days prior to disbursement of funds from deposits. At that point in time all sales final unless otherwise specified.
Change Orders: Unless specifically stated in the contract and plans, additional work or products must be approved by a signed Change Order by client.
Returns: Absolutely no returns unless specified within the purchase agreement.
Accounting: A complete accounting of all products and services will be available on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to be negotiated.
Billing: Client will be invoiced as products and services are provided.
Installations: All installation work will be charged directly to the client with a supervision and coordination fee billed at the designer's hourly rate or by quote.
Delivery Charges: Client shall be responsible for any warehouse or storage fees.